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Preparation Breeds Confidence

Key Takeaways Confidence is directly related to exam results. Better confidence means better performance! Being well-prepared for the INBDE is essential to your success. ...

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Most Trusted INBDE Study Aid

Yes, it’s true. Dental Decks is more highly rated than any other INBDE study aid by both peers and professors. Learn more and hear what others are saying about Dental Decks in this short video.Di ...

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The Power of Q&A Cards

Key Takeaways Using Q&A cards is scientifically proven to be an effective and efficient way to study. Q&A cards use active recall, metacognition, and repetition to impro ...

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7 Simple Steps to the INBDE

The slideshow walks you through seven easy to follow steps to register for and take the INBDE.  It’s a  straightforward process that requires a little bit of planning and forethought.&nbs ...

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