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The Power of Q&A Cards

Aug 23rd 2022

The Power of Q&A Cards

Key Takeaways

  • Using Q&A cards is scientifically proven to be an effective and efficient way to study.
  • Q&A cards use active recall, metacognition, and repetition to improve memory and knowledge.
  • Smart students choose Dental Decks to prep smarter for the INBDE.

You’ve been a student long enough to know it’s not just that you actually study, but how you study that determines your success in a class or on a test. And if you’ve started prepping for the INBDE, you may have asked yourself: What’s the best way to do this?.

Here’s a pro-tip: use Q&A cards, or flashcards. Students have used them for decades because they actually work. They’re an effective, efficient way to study and retain lots of information. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, right?

Here are some of the reasons why Q&A cards are so helpful.

Active Recall

If you’ve ever spent hours and hours staring at your textbook or taking multiple choice tests over and over again, you know you eventually start to recognize the information. But you gotta wonder, do I really know this stuff? These methods are important to well-rounded study habits, but you’re missing the active recall component.

That’s where Q&A cards come in. When you read the question on the front of the card, your brain has to actively come up with the answer without using context clues. Since this is more difficult for your brain, you’re more likely to remember the information later. Research shows that active recall leads to 150% better retention than passively studying the material. Sweet, huh?


Meta-what? If you’ve never heard of this, metacognition is basically thinking about thinking. It’s not exactly something we do all the time. Metacognition is specifically related to self-evaluation, which you automatically do with flashcards.

When you answer a Q&A card, you have to evaluate your own answer against the answer on the card. This process of self-grading deepens memory so you can more easily recall the information later on.

Metacognition strategies also help you determine how well you know things and convert memories into knowledge. Which sounds better for the INBDE? Knowledge!


This one’s probably pretty obvious. The more we do something, the better we are at it. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

This is exactly what you do with Q&A cards! Repetition is proven to enhance memory, and with Q&A cards, repetition is easy. Not only can you view cards multiple times, you can also separate your cards into sections based on topic or how well you know things. Then, you use repetition to strengthen your weak areas.

Digital or Paper?

Which is better, digital or paper Q&A cards? This is a pretty hot debate, but honestly, both have benefits if you use them the right way.

Digital Q&A cards, on the other hand, are super convenient. You get the same benefits of active recall, metacognition, and repetition you get from paper cards, but with even more portability!

Whether you prefer digital or paper, Q&A cards will help you prepare for your INBDE.

Work Smarter with Dental Decks!

Dental Decks Q&A cards help you study more effectively and efficiently. They’re organized by topic, you can save cards you need to study again, and you can choose how you study: the Decks are available in both online and paper formats.

With Dental Decks, you get the power of proven, effective Q&A cards, and more! Here’s everything you’ll get with your decks:

  • Thousands of topical and case-based patient box questions
  • Case Study Booklet
  • Oral Pathology Booklet
  • Three online Practice Tests.

Study smarter and ace your boards with Dental Decks INDBE!


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