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Peer Recommendations

Key Takeaways Building a network during dental school can open doors when you start your dental career. A network of classmates can help you form good study habits and cope with th ...

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Time Matters

Key Takeaways Having a daily or weekly routine helps lowers stress and improves focus Research shows having a recurring set of daily study habits improves productivity Wri ...

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Preparation Breeds Confidence

Key Takeaways Confidence is directly related to exam results. Better confidence means better performance! Being well-prepared for the INBDE is essential to your success. ...

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Let the Countdown Begin

Key Takeaways Prepping for the INBDE requires organization and good time management skills. Having a study schedule will help you better manage your time, be more productive, an ...

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Most Trusted INBDE Study Aid

Yes, it’s true. Dental Decks is more highly rated than any other INBDE study aid by both peers and professors. Learn more and hear what others are saying about Dental Decks in this short video.Di ...

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