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Let the Countdown Begin

Aug 29th 2022

Let the Countdown Begin

Key Takeaways

  • Prepping for the INBDE requires organization and good time management skills.
  • Having a study schedule will help you better manage your time, be more productive, and worry less
  • Dental Decks provides a 45 and 60-day study schedule to help you plan ahead

If you’ve started studying for your INBDE, you’ve probably realized this: there’s a lot you need to know. A LOT. And that might have you feeling overwhelmed…which often leads to procrastination…which ends up adding to your stress!

That’s why it’s important to have a schedule to help you fit studying into your daily routine.

Your professors make a syllabus so you know what to expect and how to plan out your semester. A study schedule is like a syllabus, but for your INBDE. It will lay out the topics you need to study each day so you are well prepared when you take your exam.

Having a study schedule can help you with time management and productivity while successfully managing pre-exam stress. Here’s how:

Better Time Management

One of the most important, and probably most challenging, parts of preparing for an exam like the INBDE is time management. As a dental school student, you’re already busy. Prepping for your dental boards is just one more thing on your to-do list.

If you have a study schedule, it’s easier to fit important INBDE prep into your daily routine and break the material up into more manageable chunks. If you’re using a proven study method like flash cards, you can get even more out of your study time.

Increased Productivity

Do you ever feel pressured to be productive and you just don’t know how to get everything done? Having a study schedule will help!

When you know the topics you need to study every day, it’s easier to check things off your list. Study schedules also allow you to prioritize activities by importance or difficulty, so you can make sure you’re maximizing your study time.

A study schedule helps you space out your studying instead of waiting to cram everything into one week. Studying a little each day will help you feel more productive and accomplished rather than feeling rushed and behind.

Planning ahead with a study schedule is so much better for your mental health.

Less Stress

Let’s be honest: we’ve all waited until the last minute to study at some point.

Think about the last time you crammed for an exam or pulled an all-nighter. Pretty stressful, right? If you use and follow a study schedule, you’ll start studying sooner and leave yourself enough time to cover every topic on the INBDE.

Prepping in advance will reduce your stress and build your confidence because you know you’ll be ready for your exam.

Tips for Using Your Study Schedule

It’s pretty clear that a study schedule will help.

But, how do you use a study schedule? Here are some important tips:

  1. Commit to a Specific Time Every Day.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to study during the same time window every day. But it will help for you to look at your daily schedule and see when you have windows of time available to study. If you have classes, work, or other appointments, plan to study outside of those times.

  2. Take Study Breaks

    Studies show the adult brain absorbs information in about 45-minute increments. Rather than trying to study for hours on end, study for 45 minutes, give yourself a 10-15-minute break (for coffee, right?), and then get back to it.

  3. Take a Rest Day

    The last thing you want to do is burn out.

    You may feel like you MUST study every day, but trust me, your brain will need a break. Give yourself just one day a week to rest, spend time with family or friends, spend time outside, and you’ll feel rested and ready to bring on the next week!

Dental Decks Can Help!

You already know Dental Decks flashcards can help you study more effectively and efficiently. But did you know that we also give you 45 and 60-day study schedules?

Dental Decks works hard to set you up for success. So we did the work of setting up a study schedule for you.

Starting early? Check out our 60-day Dental Decks INBDE study schedule.

Cramming? Here’s our 45-day study schedule.

Use our study schedules to prep smarter and crush your boards with Dental Decks INDBE!


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