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They Know a Thing or Two

Posted by Laura Hill on Oct 31st 2022

They Know a Thing or Two

Key Takeaways

  • Dental school professors are one of the most important resources you can take advantage of to be successful in dental school.
  • Listen to your professors’ advice about succeeding in dental school, your dental career, and prepping for the INBDE.
  • Dental Decks is the INBDE study aid most recommended by dental school professors.

Have you ever been too nervous to ask your professors for help? You wouldn’t be the first student to say yes. Don’t fall for the common misconceptions that professors are too busy or they just don’t want to help their students. Neither could be further from the truth!

The reality is, professors are more than willing to spend time helping their students…you just have to ask!

In dental school, your professors are an important resource for both your dental school and INBDE success. Here are some benefits to seeking help from and developing relationships with your dental school professors.

They’re the Experts

There is so much you can learn from your dental school professors. They are quite literally experts in their field!

Whether you need help with your dental school coursework, career advice, or suggestions for INBDE prep, they have the knowledge and expertise to give you wise advice. After all, they’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to dentistry. They’ve successfully completed dental school, passed their dental boards, and in most cases, worked in private practice.

So, why not trust the experts?


It’s all about who you know when it comes to career opportunities. The larger your network, the more opportunities you will have. Your professors are an important part of that network.

You might come across a job opportunity where one of your professors used to work, and, in many cases, practices will contact your professors for a recommendation when looking to hire a new dentist.

Building positive relationships with your professors during dental school and staying in touch with them after you graduate can potentially open doors for your career!

Get Your Money’s Worth

From a practical standpoint, you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your dental education and future career.

Why not get your money’s worth by gleaning all you can from the knowledge and experience of your dental school professors? They can help you with your coursework, clinical skills, and give you career advice.

The best part? You’ve already paid for it.

Tips for Building Relationships with Professors

These are all great ideas, but you may still be wondering how to go about developing a positive relationship with your dental school professors. Here are some best practices for approaching your professors in a way that will get you a warm welcome.

  • Attend all class sessions. Things happen and you may miss a class. But, if you miss a lot of classes, your professor’s may not be as receptive to your office visit.

  • Let them know you’re coming. Professors are busy folks, which is why they plan specific office hours to answer student questions. Send them a quick email to let them know you’re stopping by so they’re prepared for your visit. Can’t make their office hours? Send a polite email asking if they are available at other times.

  • Come prepared with specific questions. It’s pretty frustrating for professors to hear students say, “I’m confused” without giving a specific source of confusion. Instead, highlight portions of your notes, or write down specific questions about the lecture you want to ask. This shows you were paying attention and made an effort to understand.

Trust Your Professors for INBDE Prep

Have you ever asked your professors for suggestions about INBDE prep? If you have, you probably heard about Dental Decks…it’s the dental board study aid most recommended by dental school professors!

It’s no secret why…Dental Decks is the most comprehensive INBDE study aid on the market. Here’s everything you get with your decks:

  • Thousands of topical and case-based patient box questions organized into 16 different sub-topic areas.

  • Case Study Booklet with 36 cases and 183 questions that include patient histories, photographs, and radiographs.

  • Oral Pathology Booklet with 95 oral pathology photos and radiographs.

  • Online Practices Tests. Three versions with 500 questions each!

When it comes to the INBDE, trust your professors…they know a thing or two. Take it from them and use Dental Decks to prep for the INBDE.


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