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Practice Makes Perfect

Posted by Laura Hill on Nov 14th 2022

Practice Makes Perfect

Key Takeaways

  • Taking practice tests is a proven way to prepare for a big exam like the INBDE.
  • Practice tests help you identify knowledge gaps, retain information, reduce stress and anxiety, and build mental endurance for your test day.
  • Dental Decks includes three practice exams to help you crush your INBDE.

As you prep for the INBDE, you may be looking for another efficient, effective way to study. How about a practice test?

Practice tests are an important part of preparing for a big exam like the INBDE… you might even call them the “final step” in your INBDE prep. How can you benefit by adding them to your study routine? Here’s how:

Identify Knowledge Gaps

A practice test combines all the information you’ve been studying together in one activity, which can help you identify what content areas you know best…and what you may need to spend more time reviewing.

For example: You may think you’ve got the periodontics section mastered, but then you take a practice test and it tells a different story. Now you know you need to go back and study periodontics a little more.

Retain More Information

The information you learn while taking a practice test and reviewing your results sticks with you in a different way. That’s because taking a practice test gets you actively involved in the learning process.

Rather than looking at information passively, you have to actively participate in reading the question, choosing the correct answer, and reviewing your results. When you are actively involved in the studying process, you’ll retain the information better.

Build Mental Endurance

The INBDE is a really long exam. Over the course of two days, it takes about 12-1/2 hours (including breaks). That’s a long time! Especially when you consider that studies show we can only maintain our optimal level of focus for about 90 minutes.

The good news is, you can use practice tests to simulate the exam experience and build endurance. That way, when you sit for the INBDE, you have already built up the mental stamina you need from taking your practice tests.

Alleviate Anxiety & Stress

We’ve talked about it before: Exams like the INBDE cause a lot of anxiety and stress. After all, there’s a lot riding on your results.

Remember that one of the best ways to minimize your anxiety and stress is to practice. The more you take practice tests, the more natural the actual INBDE will feel. Plus, as you continue to improve your performance on the practice tests, your self-confidence will grow because you know you’re well prepared.

Tips for Using Practice Tests Effectively

It’s pretty clear that practice tests will help you prep for the INBDE. Here are a couple tips to make sure you’re getting the most from them:

  1. Try to simulate the testing conditions as closely as possible, i.e. if it’s timed, set a timer for taking the test.
  2. Use the same resources you’ll be allowed to use on the real test. If it’s closed book, don’t use any resources.
  3. Take note of the questions you get wrong, and then go back and review those sections in more detail.

Take Advantage of Dental Decks Practice Tests

Did you know Dental Decks includes practice tests? You’ll get three versions with 500 questions each to help you practice for the INBDE.

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” So run through your Dental Decks practice tests and ace your INBDE!


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