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Dental Decks is Updated for INBDE

Jan 1st 2022

Dental Decks, the #1 dental board study aid, has been updated to address the structure, focus, and requirements.  A select 18-member team of dental experts led by Dr. Arthur Jeske PhD, DMD guided the update effort.

18-member team of dental experts leads the project

Specific modifications made to the new Dental Decks include:

  • Questions were revised to integrate with INBDE core concepts and clinical relevance
  • Questions were made briefer and more readable
  • Verification of Foundational Knowledge (FK) and Clinical Competencies (CC) were against INBDE content specifications
  • Dental Decks Case Study Booklet was revised and expanded with new cases

Dental Decks is the best study aid choice you can make if you’re preparing to take the INBDE


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