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Help Dental Students Learn on Their Own Terms

Dental Decks understands each student is unique with their own preferred style for how they like to learn. That is why we designed our dental board study aid to be flexible and customizable.

Dental Decks comes in both printed and online formats. Visual learners will appreciate the oral pathology booklet containing detailed photos and radiographs. Q&A cards allow you to easily test your knowledge on specific topics. There are case studies with related questions. Our INBDE version includes practice tests so you can prepare for your dental board exam!

Adaptability to each student’s preferences is one of the reasons Dental Decks is the #1 dental board study aid with a 95% first time pass rate.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dental Decks and our group discounts please fill out the form below or contact Charita Perdue directly at 770-624-2622 or email her at