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Let Students Learn on Their Own Terms

Each student is unique with their own preferred style for how they like to learn.  Some prefer to study alone, some study with others, and others gravitate to online learning.ASDA Exclusive for D ...

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No-Risk Study Aid

Dental Decks, the # 1 dental board study aid, is ready. We worked with a team of 23 academic experts and reviewers to develop an updated version of Dental Decks that addresses the specific content foc ...

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Q&A Cards Help You Learn More Efficiently

The video briefly explains the three ways in which Q&A cards help you learn and retain knowledge more effectively. It’s an advantage you will surely want if you’re preparing for your dental boards.Wan ...

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When Failure is Not an Option

You’re well on you way to realizing your dream to become a dentist. Already you’ve invested significant time, energy, and money to make this goal a reality. Soon you’ll be facing one of the ...

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